Know About SBD File Extension?

What is .sbd File?

SBD files are data files primarily associated with Mozilla Mail Subdirectory. These files are user-defined that means these files are created when we create a subdirectory in our Thunderbird application. As Thunderbird provides us the message management feature, we can manage our messages by creating subdirectories.

Application Supported

The SBD files are supported by Mozilla Suite.


Mozilla Foundation.

Category of SBD File

Data Files.

SBD File Type

Mail Subdirectory

How to Open SBD File

Launch a SBD file on your PC, by double clicking it. If your file association are set up correctly. The application Mozilla Thunderbird will open .sbd file. If you have the correct application, but SBD files are not yet associated with that application. In this case, when you try to open an SBD file, you can tell Windows which application is the correct for that.