Rich Text Format

Developed By Microsoft
Primary Association Rich Text File Format.
Identifying signatures Hex: 7B 5C 72 74 66 , ASCII: {\rtf
Format Type Document File
Uniform Type public.rtf

What is RTF?

RTF stands for Rich Text Format developed by Microsoft in 1987. It is a common text file format which includes several types of text formatting like italic, bold, different fonts sizes, and custom tab settings. It can be opened, created, viewed or edited using most popular word processing applications. It is readable by the most word processor and also support image like .jpg and .png. The best thing about .rtf file is its interoperability between the word processor and operating system. It provides wide cross-compatibility support.

Applications that Open RTF File

  • Microsoft Wordpad.
  • Microsoft Notepad.
  • Microsoft Word.
  • Microsoft Works.
  • Notepad2.

How to Open RTF File in Word

  • Go to File menu and select Open option.
  • From the type of files select all files(*.*).
  • Select the file and click OK.
How to Create RTF File
  • Create word document.
  • Go to “File” menu and select Save Option.
  • Select the Rich Text Format(*.rtf) from the drop down menu.
  • Click on “Save” option.