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Introduction – MHTML

MHTML stands for MIME HTML (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension Hyper Text Markup Language). It is an extension for a Web page archive file. Archived Web page is an MHTML document. It saves content of web page and incorporates external resources like applets, images, flash animation, etc. Into HTML document. When you save a web page as a Web archive it saved as an MHTML file. It creates its own email in the form of an archived Web page. MHTML file is by default supported by Internet Explorer and Opera. To save webpage as MHTML file format in Mozilla Firefox users need to install Mozilla Archive Format and UnMHT add-ons.

Supported Platforms

There are numerous application that can open and create MHTML files such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Access NetFront, Firefox, Safari, GNOME Web, Vivaldi, MHT viewer, etc.


  • multipart/related
  • message/rfc822
  • application/x-mimearchive

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