Learn About MAB File

Primary Association Mozilla Thunderbird
Supported Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux
Supported Applications Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Libre Office

Detailed Information About MAB File Extension

MAB stands for Mozilla Address Book. We know that Thunderbird email application maintains an Address Book to keep all the records. All the Address Book files within the database are basically stored as Mozilla Thunderbird Address Book. So we can say that MAB files are the data files which stores Address Book information of email application. Whenever the contacts are accessed from email application they are recoup from the Address Book. The address book that you use with Thunderbird are by default stored in your profile folder.

Primary Association

These files associated with Mozilla Thunderbird.

Type of MAB File

  • abook.mab: It’s default folder for storing contacts of Personal Address Book. whenever a user stores their contacts in the Personal address book, all the contact gets added to abook.mab file.
  • history.mab: As, all the mail applications contain a record of contacts automatically to ease faster access as well as management of data. All these collected addresses are saved in history.mab file.
  • impab.mab: This Address Book is used to store imported contacts.
Default Location of MAB File
  • For Windows: "C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles”
  • For Mac: “~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles//”
How to Open .mab File

Whenever we open a .mab file an error is generated, which indicates, Windows cannot recognize MAB file, thus Windows cannot open MAB file. A possible way is to open MAB file in LibreOffice that provides an access to open and view the .mab file within its interface. Therefore, to open and view MAB file, follow the given steps:

  • Open LibreOffice application on your machine.
  • Click on File option and click on Wizards.
  • A option list will open, choose Address Data Book Source.
  • Select the other external data source option.
  • Choose the desire file to be open.